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Are your genes causing you to carry excess weight?

Almost half the population have a variation in the gene associated with high levels of the hunger hormone, ghrelin and an increased desire for high fat foods, with 16% having a double variation.

Those with a double variation are 70% more likely to be obese.

Research shows that people who ate foods using recommendations based on their actual genetic makeup lost 33% more weight than those who didn’t.

Are your genes slowing your fitness programme down?

Training responses and adaptations can vary widely based on genetic make-up.

Research highlights that undertaking mismatched gene fitness programmes will hamper your success, not getting you the results you are longing for.

What are genes

And how do you know what you should be eating?

A gene is a segment of the DNA molecule that contains the instructions for how, when and where your body makes each of the many thousands of proteins required for life.

Each gene is comprised of thousands of combinations of four letters that make up your genetic code: A, T, C, and G.

DNAFit is a ground-breaking DNA test that will change the way you think about fitness and nutrition forever...

...and all is takes is a simple mouth swab.

Whether you are looking to shape up, build muscle or just want to eat healthier, your genetics hold valuable information about the best way to do this, just for you.

The test will help you nurture your nature, to be the best you can be through unique genetic insights.

Your DNA will be analysed and you will receive a detailed genetic report.

The test provides an in depth analysis of 45 key genetic variants, across both fitness and diet, to advise how you can train more effectively and make diet and nutrition improvements

Allowing you to make a personalised training and nutrition plan.

Using the power of genetics, it is possible to understand more about your personal response to fitness and nutrition than ever before.

There are no good or bad genes, genetic testing enables you to manipulate your environment based on how your body works.

Empowered with this knowledge, you will be better placed than ever to tailor your training regime for you, and only you.

Your DNAFit test will provide the following markers

  • Power and Endurance Response
  • Genetic VO2max (aerobic) Response
  • Recovery Profile
  • Injury Predisposition
  • Sensitivity to Carbohydrates, Fats, Alcohol, Caffeine and Salt
  • Lactose Tolerance
  • Coeliac Predisposition
  • Anti-Oxidant, Omega 3, Vitamin D, Vitamin B and Cruciferous Vegetable needs
  • Detoxification Ability

Give yourself a head start in reaching your health and fitness goals

Whether you want that extra edge in your sport or just want to learn more about your body’s response to training

The information provided will help you to achieve your ambitions faster, easier and more sustainably than ever before!

Contact me and order your DNAFit kit today

The price includes a BONUS 20 minute coaching session to guide you through your report and assist you with your diet and fitness requirements

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DNAFit only test genes which have been shown for their association with health and fitness in multiple studies, and they believe this sets them apart from similar companies.

They avoid reporting on genetic associations proven by single-study literature, which they feel would be inherently flawed and inaccurate.

Upon request, DNAFit will provide all the studies and scientific literature used to create the DNAFit test, which they believe differentiates them from other companies offering similar services.

This provision is available on DNAFit’s website under their Code of Practice

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