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Course Overview

Heal Yourself At Home

Heal Yourself At Home is a course designed to help you evaluate your lifestyle, thoughts and behaviours, while supporting you to change anything that hinders your health and healing.

It is aimed at anyone looking for more natural ways to heal themselves and improve their lives.

The course consists of ten modules...

Each module comes with its own action plan, to help you to integrate the information further. To get the most out of it, please be honest with yourself.

Healing is not purely a physical thing and HEAL YOURSELF At Home highlights the many areas of healing. However, as emotional trauma is deep seated, I only touch on it in the course, while reserving the subject to be worked on during 1:1 private coaching sessions so I can support you personally. These can be arranged separately, so please ask if you are interested.

Please note, there are NO quick fixes to healing and this course does NOT advocate any supplement/pill or treatment to heal any dis-ease/problem. It is about evaluating your life and assessing your thoughts and beliefs with a view to making permanent lifestyle changes.

I wish you all healing, health and peace.

Sarah Dawkins
BSc (Hons), MSc, Accredited Master Coach

Modules Overview

Module ONE - Self Evaluation

Through the use of an in-depth questionnaire, this module will help you take a good, long, hard and honest look at who you are and what you think about some areas in your life.

Understanding the origins of your answers brings insight into your subconscious mind.

Module TWO – Raising Awareness Of Toxins

The more toxins you are exposed to, the harder your body has to work to detoxify before it can start healing. Therefore, if you reduce the toxic burden on your body, you increase its healing ability.

This highlights the many toxins in our foods as well as the products we use on our bodies and in our homes.

Module THREE – Cleanse Your Body

There are many and varied ways you can support your body to cleanse and detox.

This module documents an extensive but certainly not exhaustive list of ways to help support your body.

Module FOUR – Pharmaceutical Medication Awareness

The aim of this module is to raise awareness around some common pharmaceutical medications; antidepressants, anti-hypertensives, pain killers, statins, thyroid drugs and menopause treatments, their side effects and some alternative choices.

The healers in my book HEAL YOURSELF have either healed their health issues without pharmaceuticals or have weaned themselves off medications under medical supervision during their healing.

Module FIVE – Self-Care

Self-care is necessary to heal. Taking the time to do things that boost your feelings of happiness and joy also boosts your immune system.

This module looks at the principles of self-care and many ways to look after yourself and includes a gratitude journal. Practising gratitude helps you to focus on the positive things and writing it down allows you to go back and look at what you had gratitude for previously, reinforcing it.

Module SIX – Relationships

This module looks at the different relationships you have with yourself, people and food. These relationships impact your health and healing ability.

Emotional eating is included as it is a widespread problem for many. Understanding your triggers helps you to see what you can do to help yourself and aids your healing.

Module SEVEN – Beliefs and Thoughts

Module Seven builds on Module One and helps you to discover your core beliefs, where they came from and to find ways to challenge negative beliefs.

Answering the questions should bring more clarity to your understanding of yourself and where necessary, help you to change any beliefs that no longer serve you, in the world you now live in.

Module EIGHT – Mindfulness

This is designed to help you understand what mindfulness is along with the many and varied ways of being mindful. Mindfulness can be used to deal with difficult emotions and a six-step process walks you through it, along with a compassionate mindfulness exercise.

Module NINE – Disease Prevention

This module brings further insight into how you can improve your health and prevent disease in the future.

It highlights the role of a fever and advises on what should be avoided that is keeping you sick.

Module TEN – Future Planning

Future planning details what you can do to shape your future as you heal.

Your mind is a powerful tool that you can tap into. As a consequence of thinking differently and taking different actions, you can bring about permanent positive changes.

Get in touch and let me start helping you to Improve your health and improve your life

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